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A Client Who Feels Almost Nothing

03 September 2010 - 01:40 AM

Hello all.

first of all Im new to this site and think it is great. I came across it while trying to do some research for client I dont know what to do about.

She is 43, a good weight and is physically fit. (She cycles extensively but has a v weak core) She started doing 2 sessions a week of  Pilates with me 5 weeks ago. Four sessions in she complained that she didnt feel stiff after class or feel like she is working her stomach in class. I investigated and pushed her further. Nothing. I never want my clients to be in agony or tight after class however to feel absolutely nothing was strange, especially with a new client. So i pushed her core more. She says her stomach feels no pain.. however if we do too much pure stomach work she feels nausea. She has never had this reaction before to other forms of exercise. So so sum up, I have a client who wants to feel something and be pushed, however when i do she feels sick. In my five years of teaching i have not come across this and so need help. any idea? or anyone had something similar?
Thank you in advance