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Pilates At Home For Newbie Help

08 July 2015 - 06:26 AM

I've been suffering with some pains for a while and it has been suggested by a health professional that Pilates would be greatly beneficial to me.

However due to the nature of my job I cannot regularly attend a Pilates class anywhere (1 in 3 sessions as a max which seems pretty pointless)

So I was wondering if anyone could recommend a DVD or YouTube channel that is ideal for a male beginner??

Also if anyone could recommend the amount of times per week -- and the length of time (eg 3 days a week for half hour) then I would greatly appreciate it.
(Sub question-- can you do Pilates everyday ? Or is it like weight training where you need rest days ?h

Many thanks in advance for any replies.
I have looked on YouTube etc myself but there are too many options so taking on a recommended program /DVD would increase my motivation and confidence )