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Reinvent Yourself... Not The Method

Posted by Carole Amend, in Continuing Education, Professionalization 29 May 2013 · 1,863 views

Yesterday, writing in Voices of the Classically Excommunicated  thread, I got to thinking about how teachers market their services to the public, and the last few pages of Your Health, where J. H. Pilates is writing about his bed invention:
These days people say they are teaching "classical" or "real" pilates, even if they are physical thera...

A 2012 Election Day Riff

Posted by Carole Amend, in Continuing Education, Gratitude, Professionalization, Teaching 06 November 2012 · 1,385 views
pilates & somatics and 3 more...
Yesterday, I was reminded of a discussion started back in September of 2009, "Classical Pilates Instigating/irritating Back Pain? " I responded at length ...reminiscing about what a long and winding road it's been since I began posting online in 2008 (and if you read my post, you'll see why I also placed this blog under the Teaching & Continuing Educa...

Practice, Articulate, Educate

Posted by Carole Amend, in Continuing Education 03 April 2012 · 1,023 views
pilates & somatics and 1 more...
The widespread popularity of "pilates" has been used to promote the work of a wide variety of disciplines in the health and wellness industries. Interesting to note is that "movement" practitioners promote themselves and their work by either praising or criticizing  the method. And make no mistake, much of the scrutiny of "pilates" has come from within ou...

Pilates & Pain...?

Posted by Carole Amend, in Continuing Education 17 February 2012 · 1,901 views
pilates & somatics and 4 more...
This is a continuation of a post I made in response to a question by reb in the Arrogance Or Foolishness To Think That I Was "above" Having Back Problems  thread.

Simply  stated: Pain is a really complex  issue, and neuroscience is not part of the curriculum for pilates instructors.
So, if instructors can’t consistently be expected to get people ou...

Huffpost Article On Fascia

Posted by Carole Amend, in Continuing Education 25 January 2012 · 1,501 views
Paradigm Shift and 6 more...
Here's my response to an article written in HUFFPOST HEALTHY LIVING online article, "Staying Fit: Yoga, Rolfing, and the Elusive Cinderella Tissues."   "1. All You Learned About 'Muscles' Is Wrong" The use of the word "Wrong" is always an eye-catcher for the public isn't it? It definitely caught mine. But, the general public may not understand why the wri...

Anatomy Trains & Job's Body

Posted by Carole Amend, in Continuing Education 25 September 2009 · 685 views
Continuing Education and 7 more...
One of my "mentees," Meghan, quoted Milton Trager, M.D. on her blog yesterday:"The mind is the whole thing. That is all that I am interested in. I am convinced that for every physical non-yielding condition there is a psychic counterpart in the unconscious mind, corresponding exactly to the degree of the physical manifestation."I only have a few moments b...

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