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Romana, Pilates, & Breathing

Posted by Carole Amend, in Gratitude, Teaching 31 August 2013 · 1,828 views
On Teaching
Yesterday, our community bid "au-revoir" to one of its treasured teachers, Romana Kryzanowska . My heart is filled with gratitude, love, and respect for all she accomplished in her lifetime. She leaves behind an amazing legacy. I remember and honor her today with this simple yet profound excerpt about breathing from The Pilates Method of Physical and Ment...

A 2012 Election Day Riff

Posted by Carole Amend, in Continuing Education, Gratitude, Professionalization, Teaching 06 November 2012 · 1,385 views
pilates & somatics and 3 more...
Yesterday, I was reminded of a discussion started back in September of 2009, "Classical Pilates Instigating/irritating Back Pain? " I responded at length ...reminiscing about what a long and winding road it's been since I began posting online in 2008 (and if you read my post, you'll see why I also placed this blog under the Teaching & Continuing Educa...

The " Flat-Earth Society "? Who Knew?

Posted by Carole Amend, in Pardigm Shift, Professionalization, Teaching 28 October 2012 · 1,938 views
Flat Earth Society, pilates and 1 more...
Something came up in my facebook feed today that was the kind of thing that I wish had not gotten my attention. It’s not *new* that people consider “historic” (or “classical” or “traditional” or “authentic” or…) pilates to be lacking in technical articulation. But, what is *new* is that a term fo...

Intro To The Movement Practice Continuum

Posted by Carole Amend, in Body-Mind Process, Professionalization, Teaching 05 September 2012 · 843 views
movement practice continuum and 5 more...
I participated in the recent "Neutral Spine in a Group Setting"  discussion and I was left with some thoughts:

Such are the times…and this is happening at great speed these days…realize that doing “research” on the internet, and finding a certain “source” for a term or word, especially when it comes to somatic practice...

Define "sound"

Posted by Carole Amend, in Teaching 23 August 2012 · 722 views
mind body connection and 2 more...
Today I answered a question about the "Mind Body Connection" by ChrisInCA (find it here ):

Now, of course, we'd have to define "sound.'
This is from my computer dictionary:

sound 2 |saʊnd| |saʊnd|
1 in good condition; not damaged, injured, or diseased : they returned safe and sound   | he was not of sound mind.

Works for me!...

On Yoga, Indian Proverbs, & African Violets

Posted by Carole Amend, in Teaching 27 January 2012 · 1,362 views
Body-Mind Process, Inspiration and 2 more...
I recently participated in a discussion on the board, New York Times Magazine Yoga Article, by Geniusall. The article is...

Why? I Don't Know....

Posted by Carole Amend, in Teaching 13 October 2010 · 528 views
Trager Approach®, Pilates & PT and 1 more...
In the Why Is The Order As It is? Post by HarmoniousForm, my memory was recently jogged by pilates65's question of "best" practitioner, by the references made to Michael Miller, and also by a recent email I received....

The Whole Body Vs. Core Debate

Posted by Carole Amend, in Teaching 31 August 2010 · 1,459 views
NYT Articles, Technique and 4 more...
Pilates Pro posted a nice sampling of articles related to, oh, let's call it, "The Whole Body vs. Core Debate" in the August 30, 2010, Core Stability: Myth or Magic? What Does It Mean to Pilates Teachers?  Post.
The download for the Lederman article, The Myth of Core Stability, is free. Also, besides the link to the response by the founder of the Australi...

The True Test

Posted by Carole Amend, in Teaching 08 February 2010 · 945 views
On Teaching, Pilatics/Unity and 1 more...
The True Test

The true test of a modern teacher who follows the pilates discipline towards the paradigm that J.H. Pilates wrote about is the skill of drawing from the client that
physical ability and mental awareness no matter what pilates apparatus is available or even if none is available. Informed teachers...

On Opposition...( Ex. The Hundred)

Posted by Carole Amend, in Teaching 05 October 2009 · 3,115 views
PCDB Topics, Technique, Dynamics and 2 more...
Hi all,

I made a comment on October 2nd in the "Pilates Stance " Post:
Deborah (Geniusall) asked me to elaborate on opposition, so, here's a quick explanation:

Since PC and others were talking about The Hundred, I'll make this suggestion in thinking about opposition and what classifies as "pilates" in relation to the quintessential pilate...

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